Bajaga & instruktori

Bajaga i instruktori were founded in Belgrade in 1984 by composer, lyricist and guitarist Momčilo Bajagić "Bajaga".

They are one of the most successful and influential pop-rock groups in the history of the former Yugoslavia and current Serbia. Their string of albums and awards in the mid-to-late 80s rounded out the golden age of Yugoslav pop-rock. The album "Sa druge strane jastuka" is considered to be one of the best Yugoslav-Serbian pop-rock albums of all time.

Instructors beside Bajaga are:

Žika Milenković, guitar
Miroslav Cvetković, bass
Saša Lokner, keyboards
Čedomir Macura, drums
Marko Nježić, guitar


Divanhana is a Bosnian sevdah band which performs traditional music in new arrangements created under the influence of jazz, pop and the 20th century classical music. Divanhana's intention is to cherish and present the urban traditional music not only from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also the traditional music from the whole Balkan region, with a particular accent to Sevdalinka. But, Divanhana is much more than all of these. Young and creative, powerfull on stage and taking great care about little details. The band was founded in 2009 by a group of young students from the Sarajevo Music Academy.

After their debut CD "Dert", the album produced by Walter Quintus, one of the most acknowledged world music producers (2011), they started to create Divanhana audio and visual image. In early stage of the career they were selected to perform in prestigious festivals such as "12 Points" in Porto and Womex in Thessaloniki. After few European tours, their album "Bilješke iz šestice" easily found its way to the wider audience playing at 70 concerts in 13 different countries. During another visit to famous Fattoria Musica Studio in Osnabruck in 2015 album "Zukva" was recorded.

At the end of 2017, Divanhana started their collaboration with the popular Turkish actress and singer Suzan Kardeş and after several concerts they recorded an album named "Kardes" (2018 Kalan Muzik). In 2019 the band was touring around Europe as well as in Canada. Just before pandemia broke out the band recorded their new songs in Ljubljana, Slovenia. During difficult period for all musicians they finalized the new album called "Zavrzlama" in their hometown, Sarajevo. This album released in January 2022 on German label CPL Music became a hit which marked that year on world music scene. Prestigous magazine "Songlines" have chosen the album as one of best 10 albums in the world. Famous radio experts panel World Music Charts Europe put "Zavrzlama" on position No 3 for 2022. For many journalists this album was one of the top albums and for Balkan World Music Chart it was No 2 on the annual list. But, that was not all – the band has been seleceted as one of 10 emerging bands from the Balkans in MOST project and they performed at great festivals "Budapest Ritmo", "EXIT", "Fira Mediterrania" as well as many concerts.

Videos of the band had many views from an early stage, showing with how much care the band is working on their visual side, from the clothes to the clips, but also on social networks. The year 2023 started with concerts already in January. During the year the audience will see Divanhana in Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Croatia, Turkey, North Macedonia, Serbia, France, Switzerland, BiH…

Selma Droce (vocals)
Neven Tunjić (piano)
Nedžad Mušović (accordion)
Azur Hajdarević (contrabass)
Azur Imamović (bass guitar)
Rifet Čamdžić (drums)
Irfan Tahirović (percussions)

Dinamika music

Dinamika Music is an electric string quartet run by a DJ who joins music over time from Vivaldi to Michael Jackson.

Dinamika Music consists of academic musicians, trained at the academies at home and abroad. They play in serious and prestigious orchestras, the collaboration and contacts with artists such as Leonid Bernstein, Sergiu Celibidache, Christoph Eschenbach, Zubin Mehta, Martha Argerich, Rostropovich and many others. Some of them have made careers in Europe, Austria, but they all have a desire to present their music to you in a unique, original and dynamic way so that you want to listen to us again.

Dinamika Music plays on E - violins, which gives them a special sound and dynamism and conductors place took DJ Grappelli - founder of DJEXPRESS, Austrian agency in Belgrade. DJ Grappelli originally arranged all the tracks for their electric band, edited and so they overcome stereotypes and monotony of the music to the new sound.

If you love music by David Garrett, Nigel Kennedy and Vanessa Mae, DJ Guetta, DJ Tiesto, then we are sure that you will be listening Dinamika Music with great enthusiasm. They play the music, which they have chosen with love, style and taste. They will perform together with Tom R Band on 15th Serbia World Music Festival.

Katarina Ranić Čavić (violin)
Marija Mitrović (violin)
Katarina Stanimirović (violin)
Filip Đukić (DJ)

Tom R. Band

Tough power blues!

Tom R. Band, Mosjøen and Vefsn's local Power Blues Trio with Tom-Roger Markås in front on vocals and guitar, Roger Svartvatn, drums and Jørn Ove Nygård on bass always deliver, every year proving for a large audience during ByfestVeko in Mosjøen. Always full house and great atmosphere when Tom R. Band is on stage and entertain at Barthbrygga in Sjøgata.

Blues rock of highest quality!
With songs by Joe Bonamassa, Walter Trout, John Mayer, Whiskey Myers, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen, just to name a few, Tom R. Band always prove the bands outmost quality. Tom R. Band tightens the straps – they are hunting, in the world of blues-rock!

Tougher than the Rest
Fast, tough blues-rock, quiet, slow songs that really cools you down, «Tougher than the Rest», just like The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen. «Lightning Bugs and Rain» – does that sound like autumn weather in Mosjøen? Whiskey Myers has been visiting Tom-Roger & Co and made a song about our local weather, obviously.

Glory Days on Route 66
«Glory Days» and motorcycle rides on «Route 66», blues-rock, American East Coast Rock, «Walking the Dog», «Call Me the Breeze» and «Tennessee Whiskey»! Oh yeah, «Clouds on the Horizon», as in Heavenly Love? Tom R. Band cites Norwegian band Stage Dolls, «Still in Love», before the spirit of Muddy Waters comes on stage, «Hootchie Cootchie Man».

Tom-Roger Markås – vocal, guitar
Jørn Ove Nygård – bass
Roger Svartvatn – drums


Marco Cerruti (vocals, 20), Alberto Canta (drums, 18), Davide Piccinino (guitar, 22), Gianlorenzo Lamberti (bass and keyboards, 22) and Enrico Canta (lyricist, 21), are the members of the young italian band Quadrirotti, born during the pandemic lockdown and which brings to the stage original songs and covers ranging from indie to pop to rock.

After participating in the Indiependenti Challenge, an online indie music festival, Quadrirotti made their live debut in July 2021 at the Cacciano Festival in Moncalvo (AT), the town in which all the band members were born and raised. In December of the same year, they played at the Moncalvo Municipal Theater for a benefit concert for the local Red Cross, in collaboration with Leo Club. In 2022, they played at the Cittadella Fest in Casale Monferrato to celebrate the 1st of May and during the same year they performed on the breathtaking Open Air Stage at Orsolina28 (an international center for creative development nestled in the Monferrato hills).

The band has released 5 singles: Palloncini in un temporale, Auai, Sbagli degli altri, Sei mesi d'estate (all published in 2021) and Boston Tea Party (released in April 2022).

Marco Cerruti - vocals
Davide Piccinino - guitar
Alberto Canta - drums
Gianlorenzo Lamberti - bass and keyboards
Enrico Canta - lyricist

Pop Hor Gornji Milanovac

Pop Choir from Gornji Milanovac will perform on Sunday, April 23rd, on the main stage, city square, Gornji Milanovac.

Pop Choir wants to prove that everyone can sing, without auditions, without notes, without stress, with a lot of love and passion for music. They sing the most beautiful songs of now and then, and they enjoy it. Their members are 7 to 77.

The Pop Choir from Gornji Milanovac will perform together with choirs from other cities. Don't miss their spectacular performance!

Stari grad

The Stari Grad group was founded in 1994. In 2019 the group published its self-titled album "Nebo iznad Starog grada" in the PGP RTS edition. Four music videos for original songs were published. They hold solo concerts, perform at festivals and events throughout Serbia, and will participate with their stage-musical project at Čačak Prestonica Kulture 2023 - "Čačanska Rodna" and Serbia World Music Festival 2023 in Gornji Milanovac.

The group Stari Grad's concert repertoire is based on original songs inspired by the rich musical heritage of our region, evergreens, chansons, and Mediterranean songs. The orchestra sails on the waves of the good old days, which are memories of all generations, especially the atmosphere of our region, old Milanovac and Čačak.

In addition to the standard lineup: Milan Erović (guitar), Aleksandar Erović (contrabass), Jovan Pajović (accordion), and guests: Aleksandar Alempijević (drums and percussions), Dragan Radojević (bouzouki), bands members from Gornji Milanovac will also perform: Sara Žižović (violin), Lena Savić (vocal soloist) and guitarist from the first lineup of the Stari Grad - Vladimir Savić (gypsy jazz guitar).

WMC Serbia

If you play music professionally in amateur folk ensemble it means pushing the limits, discovering something new constantly, and all this because of love for music. In our material word today it is almost impossible. Play and enjoy without vanity, learn others and combine everything.

"World Music Center" is a society for studying sound which was mainly founded to protect our national folklore music. Members of the society are mostly members and managers of folk orchestars of folklore ensembles who exchange their experiences and tone, audio and video materials thus completing their own archives and improve the work of their orchestars.Great help the society gets the Depardment of Ethnomusicology of the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade and with its support "World Music Center" organizes its work at folklore ensembles in the sense of education in the field of folk music. The project is designed in the way that students after completing primary music school continue playing in the organization of the WMC from where they take part in work of different folklore ensembles according to their wishes WMC has been recording music for a long time and writing music arrangements for choreographies whose tone quality and authenticity of performing completely corresponds our folklore music.WMC also works in the filed: collecting and studying folklore heritage, costumes and reparation and production traditional instruments.

WMC is an independent and non government initiative in culture and it will continue working and contributing in the field of national and folklore music.

Organizer of "World Music Center" is Aleksandar Smrekić.

KUD "Šumadija" Gornji Milanovac (Serbia)

Artistic association ''Šumadija'' from Gornji Milanovac was founded at Christmas 2006. when a group of experienced players and folklor enthusiasts decided to gather the youth of this town and teach them, through dancing and singing, to maintain the tradition of Rudnik and Takovo territory and the rest of Serbia as well. The folk orchestra ''Šumadija'' exists from the very beginning of the associations foundation. Members of the orchestra are mostly high school students who, by dealing with folk music, do not allow it to be abandoned. Today Šumadija has more than 400 members organized into ten groups and orchestra works under the professional leadership of Aleksandar Smrekić.

kud sumadija

What is particularly significant with the association is its cooperation with the Yugoslav - Norwegian Society. Every year the ensemble participates in the central celebration of the the National Day of the Kingdom of Norway in Belgrade. On this occasion they symbolically perform choreography from Serbia and the choreography of the Norwegian national dance. In 2009. on the initiative of the Norwegian government, Šumadija, as one of the organizer, took part in the first Serbia World Music festival in Takovo. The ensemble is also known for its willingness to help those who need help. In cooperation with the Municipal Committee of the Red Cross they have organized several humanitarian concerts in Serbia and in Skoplje, Tetovo, Kumanovo and Bijeljina as well.



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