New Balkan Concept - Danica Krstić and City chamber orchestra Schlesinger (Serbia)

Danica Krstić

Born on 25th of November 1995 in city of Kragujevac (Republic of Serbia). Completed her highschool education at First Gyimmnasium and also acquired musical skills and education at Musical school Dr. Miloje Milojevic also in Kragujevac. Currently she is a student of the third year of Musical Academy in Belgrade, with majore in ethnomusicology.

At the age of 6 she opened the Children World Olimpics in Brno with her outstaning voice. Till now, she has a huge number of songs recorded for the archive of Radio Television Belgrade. As means of her individual performances, she sang in a plenty of countries among which the greatest performances were in Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, FYROM, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Germany, Israel, Palestine, Netherlands, Italia, Russia, Sweden and Denmark. In addition, she is an active member of famous Serbian band Balkanika led by Sanja Ilic.

- She is winner of Sljivik, which is National contest for the best vocal of Serbian traditional songs organized by Serbian national television.
- Performed at a huge concert Constantinus Magnus, organized for the celebration of 1700 years from the establishment of Milan declaration.
- Recorded songs for two widly followed domestic soap operas Ranjeni Orao and Greh njene majke.
- One of the three finalists for the representative of the Serbian Eurovision song in May 2015.
- Serbian representative at EXPO MILAN 2015.
- Concert in Guca 2015.
- Did a lot of charity performances accross Serbia
- She performed in Eurosong competition 2018 in Lisbon (Portugal), representing The Republic of Serbia with her bend Balcanica

City chamber orchestra Schlesinger

City Chamber Orchestra Schlesinger was founded in 2006 in Kragujevac. The orchestra has 18 members, consisting of prominent musicians of our city. Municipal Chamber Orchestra Schlesinger has performed a large number of evening concerts in Kragujevac and Belgrade. It has also took part on television and radio broadcasts. Since 2011, the orchestra has been working in the framework of the Music Center Kragujevac.

Vojislav "Vojkan" Borisavljević - conductor

Alen Islamović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Famous rock singer Alen Islamovic is considered one of the best male vocals in former Yugoslavia. He was born on August 17th, 1957 near Bihac. He was a member of ands "Divlje jagode" and "Bijelo dugme", whose hits he will be performing along with his new songs.

The Drunken Sailors (Norway)

The Drunken Sailors play electric-acoustic Folk / Irish / Roots / Americana / Country and Blues, a lot of violin, harmonica, percussion and guitar with several talented vocalists among the members of the band. The Drunken Sailors perform many concerts throughout the year, both locally in Mosjøen, their hometown, but also a lot outside. In particular, their yearly performance at the Roots Festival in Brønnøysund is always a big event, great atmosphere and an enthusiastic crowd of several hundred people.

Amalie Kummernes – Vocals
Stig Baadstø Nilsen – Guitar, Dobro and Vocals
Vidar Tilrem – Violin
Markus Ljøkjel – Guitar, Harmonica and Vocals
Rune Walle – Drums and Vocals
Odd Arne Eiterjord – Bass
Holger Sjåvik - Guitalele, Multibender/slide and Vocals
Sigurd Tverrå – Guitar and Banjo
Atle Jørgensen - Road Manager

Nenad Zlatanović & Pera Džo (Serbia)

Nenad Zlatanović (guitar) and Pera Joe (harmonica) makes a fantastic duo. They will take you to a journey on the waves of blues rhythms, from Gornji Milanovac to Texas.

Nenad Zlatanović – Guitar
Pera Džo – Harmonica

Minja Subota, Leontina, Tijana Dapčević (Serbia)

Minja Subota, Leontina and Tijana Dapčević will perform on a Kid's Festival Maskerade.

Stari grad (Serbia)

Aleksandar Erović – vocals/bass guitar
Milan Erović – vocals/guitar
Aleksandra Subotić – vocals
Dragoslav Subotić – drums
Nenad Bojović – accordion
Filip Lukić – keyboards
Filip Caković - vocals

Gipsy Aleksići (Serbia)

We are proud to announce the participation of "Gipsy Aleksići" also for this year's festival. The urge to include a local band in the festival program could not be solved in a better way. Aleksići is the obvious choice.

They were the opening act last year and their career has been taking off even more since then. The group is a five-piece guitar band with a repertoire spanning from traditional Balkan tunes via café music to string swing in the Django Reinhardt style.

Vojkan Aleksić - (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Sandro Aleksić - (solo guitar / rhythm guitar)
Slaviša Aleksić - (guitar)

KUD „Šumadija“ Gornji Milanovac (Serbia)

Artistic association ’’Šumadija’’ from Gornji Milanovac was founded at Christmas 2006. when a group of experienced players and folklor enthusiasts decided to gather the youth of this town and teach them, through dancing and singing, to maintain the tradition of Rudnik and Takovo territory and the rest of Serbia as well. The folk orchestra ’’Šumadija’’ exists from the very beginning of the associations foundation. Members of the orchestra are mostly high school students who, by dealing with folk music, do not allow it to be abandoned. Today Šumadija has more than 400 members organized into ten groups and orchestra works under the professional leadership of Aleksandar Smrekić.

kud sumadija

What is particularly significant with the association is its cooperation with the Yugoslav - Norwegian Society. Every year the ensemble participates in the central celebration of the the National Day of the Kingdom of Norway in Belgrade. On this occasion they symbolically perform choreography from Serbia and the choreography of the Norwegian national dance. In 2009. on the initiative of the Norwegian government, Šumadija, as one of the organizer, took part in the first Serbia World Music festival in Takovo. The ensemble is also known for its willingness to help those who need help. In cooperation with the Municipal Committee of the Red Cross they have organized several humanitarian concerts in Serbia and in Skoplje, Tetovo, Kumanovo and Bijeljina as well.



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