Band 357 (Serbia)

Band 357 was founded in 1996. The founder and leader of the band is Nikola Hadži Nikolić. Music direction which is characteristic of group 357 is "crossover" or a mixture of all directions.

The band consists of drums, bass, two guitars, two trumpets and vocals, and not rarely a keyboards.

So far band has published 10 copyright albums and over 100 songs.

Crvena jabuka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Crvena jabuka ("Red apple") is a Sarajevo-based rock/pop band that originated in 1985, and since then has remained very popular. They were also a part of the so-called New Primitives movement that occurred in the 1980s in the Former Yugoslavia territory.

Five young men decided to play love songs. They could not decide how is band going to be called. One of them brought red apple to the rehearsal and the name "Red apple" prevailed.

Crvena Jabuka has undergone many lineup changes through the years, but the only two members to last in every lineup are drummer Darko Jelcic and Drazen Zeric. Zeric played keyboards and sang backing vocals on their debut album, but then became the lead singer with the death of Drazen Ricl and Aljosa Buha. Kresemir Kastelan, and Niksa Bratos come in third and fourth as the longest-standing members respectively.

2015 year was 30th anniversary of the group. That jubilee was marked by many successful concerts in all meridians.

The group has published 15 studio albums and 4 live albums.

Dražen Žerić - vocals
Darko Jelčić - drums
Krešimir Kaštelan - bass guitar
Igor Matković - keyboards
Tomislav Škrak – guitar

Orchestra Danijela (Serbia)

Orchestra Danijela has won many important awards and recognition in the world of trumpet which makes it the best young brass orchestra. All members of the orchestra are musically educated, which also gives the quality to the music performed by them.

They played at prestigious festivals and events throughout the world, but also dressed up the joy of many people. As is well known that in Serbia there is no good celebration without trumpet orchestra is a welcome guest at many of those celebrations.

Orchestra "Danijela" is also the first official orchestra in this region leading by a lady, and that makes it very special.

In 2003 Danijela was given a trumpet by a famous musician Boban Marković, in Guca,who told her: "You are a little trumpet princess".

The repertoire in addition to new and old Serbian traditional music, their processing, as well as modern and foreign songs, emphasizes the music from the Balkans (Balkan music), as well as Roma music.

Mattis Kleppen (Norway)

Mattis Kleppen is the bass player who plays traditional fiddle music from his birthplace in Telemark, Norway, m'balax music from Senegal and blues – using his electric bass as a solo instrument. The expression ranges from a mild breeze to a heavy storm – powerful and including. Kleppen combines various musical styles and traditions to form a very exciting gumbo. This is clearly heard on his two albums, "Mattis Kleppen & Reshjemheia" and "El Bokko".

Mattis Kleppen has a PhD as a jazz musician and has toured the world with a large number of bands and projects. This includes bands like Cucumber, Live Maria Roggen, African Pepperbirds, Bengalo, Solo Cissokho, Piper on the Roof, Transjoik, Dr. Bekken Trio as well as his own project Resjemheia.

His musical genres, related to different places in the world seem to walk hand in hand, and some moments give you the feeling of being in all those places at the same time. Stories from his many trips and legends connected to some of the traditional tunes leaves the listener with the feeling that the world is a small place after all.

Mattis Kleppen - vocal / guitar

Bratsberg Longhorns (Norway)

Trond Ytterbø, the front man of the famous Norwegian group Notodden Blues Band has been among the leading figures on the blues scene in Norway from the seventies and onwards. Besides, he was active in establishing one of Europe's biggest and best renowned blues festival in his hometown.

The Great Bratsberg Longhorns is a side project for Trond – a feelgood ensemble performing his own music as as well as r&b standards, and sometimes even Irish music -interpreted in their personal way.

The drummer, Tore Solheim and the keyboardist, Runar Boyesen have played with Trond for many years. In fact, the three of them have backed the legendary Jeremy Spencer of Fleetwood Mac both in Scandinavia and India!

Trond performed at Serbia World Music Festival three years ago with his original band and could not wait to come back for more!


Trond Ytterbø - vocal / guitar / harmonica / mandolin
Tore Solheim - percussion
Runar Boyesen – keyboards

NE "Kolo" traditional instruments and singing group (Serbia)

Kolo Ensemble was founded by the Government of People's Republic of Serbia on May 15th 1948. For sixty seven years now, Kolo has preserved, nurtured and presented our traditional art at a high artistic level, through dances, songs, music and customs.

Most prominent Serbian choreographers, composers and numerous experts (ethnomusicologists, ethnologists, ballet dancers…) have taken part in creating their repertory, building a recognisable artistic voice expressed primarily through the diversity of theatrical and musical forms.

Kolo Ensemble is a unique ambassador of culture, having toured all continents and most prestigious concert halls, such as the Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall in New York City, Pallais de Chaillot in Paris, Royal Festival Hall in London, Bolshoi Theatre in Mosocow, Cologne Opera, Teatro La Fenice in Venice, Sidney Opera House, National Artistic Centre in Beijing…


Over fifty exceptional artists, dancers and singers at the same time, as well as fifteen musicians, present diverse and rich Serbian traditional art.

The company has attained an exquisite reputation locally and internationally, and is the laureate of prominent local and international prizes and awards for extraordinary achievement in culture.

Folklore ensemble "Gransherad Spel- og Dansarlag" (Norway)

In a small village called Gransherad there is a unique interest in folk music and dance among young people. All youngsters are queuing up to have their 17-year old mentor teaching them how to do the famous and spectacular dance where the dancer makes a backward salto to kick a hat that is posted some two meter up.

The little group that started all this some years ago have already won various national contests both as dancers and fiddle players, mastering the special Hardanger fiddle which is quite an achievement itself. In addition they compose and perform modern music which is based on the old traditions. So instruments like guitars, mandolins and jewish harps are also frequently in use.

Among all their prestigious performances they have performed for the Norwegian king and queen on several occasions, they have held concerts in USA, England, Germany and The Czech Republikc, as well as in the new Opera house in Oslo.

In April this year they are performing at the Serbia World Music Festival in Gornji Milanovac.

Braća Teofilovići / Teofilovic Brothers (Serbia)

Teofilovic Brothers, Ratko and Radisa, are, in every meaning of the word, unique performers of ancient Serbian and Balkan music. In their vocal interpretation of this traditional poetic and musical heritage Teofilovic Brothers insist on an authentic, never-before-used-form, a two-voice a capella. This became their professional musical signature, helping them to forge a unique position in the musical landscape.

During their fifteen years of preparations - before they finally decided to break the silence and appear on European scene - they have solved the "mystery of the second voice," and found long lost harmonies of traditional singing. Their debut album "Cuvari sna" ("Keepers of Dreams"), released 1998 was the first one of the future series of five albums, that would complete the initial circle.

The music of Teofilovic Twins anticipates more centuries of traditional musical heritage and evokes the spirit of the entire region. Many songs have been buried deep in the collective memory of the people, many others forgotten, or in pieces. They have searched for them, found them and put them back to life, giving them back their original meanings and feelings, enriched with contemporary influences. The songs are arranged and performed with deep respect not only for past, but for present and future as well.

If you wish, you too could become part of their magic. Then, you could share the secret with others: that somewhere deep in the ancient and mystic Balkan region of Europe two people sing as one, keeping a dream alive.

Their professional recording and concert career began in the early nineties and by now they have performed all over the world. Teofilovic Twins have been making recordings for the National Radio and Television since 1994 and up to now have recorded 5 CD's. They also took part in all great spiritual and secular festivals and music gatherings in their country.

The Teofilovićs have held a great number of concerts in almost all European capitals, as well as in Japan and the United States… They have appeared in some of the most prestigious concert halls in the world, including The Kennedy Center (Washington, DC), The Hall of Honor, (Canadian Parliament, Ottawa), The Franz Liszt Concert Hall (Budapest), The Tchaikovsky Concert Hall (Moscow), The Vienna Konzerthaus-Mozartsaal (Vienna), as well as in big festivals like the World Performing Arts Festival (Osaka), the Sziget festival (Budapest), the Estivoce Festival (Corsica), Canti di tradizioni (Sardinia), Mehr als Musik (Linz), The Sound of Stübing (Graz), Glatt & Verkehrt (Krems), The Stans Musikstage (Stans, Switzerland) to mention just some of them. The Teofilović twins have performed also in some of the most prestigious American universities: the New England Conservatory (Boston), the University of Chicago, George Washington University (Washington DC), the California Institute of the Arts (Valencia), and Franklin College (Indiana).

The Choir and Orchestra of PS "Kralj Aleksandar I" (Serbia)

The choir and orchestra of the Primary School "Kralj Aleksandar I" was founded in September 2015 within additional lectures in the subject Music. The members of this band are eleven-year-olds to fourteen-year-olds. They are all put together by love towards music, hanging out, great positive energy and enthusiasm.

In work, the children become musically literate, they are taught music terminology, stylistic expressions through development of the feeling for melody, rhythm, dynamics and other elements of music art. From rehearsal to rehearsal this ensemble gradually made progress and improvements in interpretation.

The feature of the choir and orchestra is in the wide repertoire opus of the ensemble which embraces pieces of compositors of different epochs and styles. The standard repertoire varies from the original, i.e. folk compositions to pieces of modern domestic and foreign music. The arrangements adapted to this composition are written and, with the pupils, musically revived by the artistic administrator of the choir and orchestra, teacher Milos Zivkovic.

A great number of performances in school and out-of-school ceremonies have been realised. The fantastic cooperation with the Museum of Rudnik and Takovo Region stands out and it has provided great support for the choir and orchestra from the very beginning of its founding.

In the last interpretation competition, the orchestra won the first place in the republic competition of orchestras of primary schools of Serbia.

They are also proud of the fact that a member of their choir and pupil of the seventh grade Mina Nedeljkovic, was chosen by the expert jury, to represent Gornji Milanovac this year in the competition "Serbia in the Rhythm of Europe".

Future goals of the choir and orchestra are directed to increase in the number of children with the emphasis on the quality of new members, enriching of the repertoire, work on increasingly representative quality of interpretation, competitions, participation in festivals in Serbia and abroad, i.e. representing their work to a wider audience.

Belo u Boji / White in Color (Serbia)

Bend "White in Color" begins with the author's work in 2015. So far, the band worked on the publication of their first EP, "Shine on the other side of eternity". The band plays alternative rock and roll, with various admixtures.

They performed several times in his home town, and a couple of gigs in Kragujevac, Zajecar, Leskovac, Cacak, Belgrade ... Winning the mini Guitar Festival in Cacak occasion gitarijada the first competitive success of the band. The band has taken part in the semifinals. "50 Gitarijada". Shortly after gitarijada, band has participated and won at the Leskovac Guitar Festival, where he was named the best band of the expert jury members.

The band's lead singer committed change. The role of a singer instead Miodrag Danilovic takes Djordje Ciric.

Đordje Ćirić - (vocals)
Luka Jakovljević - (bass guitar)
Miloš Knežević - (drums)
Naum Simovski - (rhythm guitar)
Strahinja Stefanović - (solo guitar)

Gipsy Aleksići (Serbia)

We are proud to announce the participation of "Gipsy Aleksići" also for this year's festival. The urge to include a local band in the festival program could not be solved in a better way. Aleksići is the obvious choice.

They were the opening act last year and their career has been taking off even more since then. The group is a five-piece guitar band with a repertoire spanning from traditional Balkan tunes via café music to string swing in the Django Reinhardt style.

Đorđe Aleksić - (bass guitar / backup vocals)
Vojkan Aleksić - (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Sandro Aleksić - (solo guitar / rhythm guitar)
Slaviša Aleksić - (guitar)

KUD „Šumadija“ Gornji Milanovac (Serbia)

Artistic association ’’Šumadija’’ from Gornji Milanovac was founded at Christmas 2006. when a group of experienced players and folklor enthusiasts decided to gather the youth of this town and teach them, through dancing and singing, to maintain the tradition of Rudnik and Takovo territory and the rest of Serbia as well. The folk orchestra ’’Šumadija’’ exists from the very beginning of the associations foundation. Members of the orchestra are mostly high school students who, by dealing with folk music, do not allow it to be abandoned. Today Šumadija has more than 400 members organized into ten groups and orchestra works under the professional leadership of Aleksandar Smrekić.

kud sumadija

What is particularly significant with the association is its cooperation with the Yugoslav - Norwegian Society. Every year the ensemble participates in the central celebration of the the National Day of the Kingdom of Norway in Belgrade. On this occasion they symbolically perform choreography from Serbia and the choreography of the Norwegian national dance. In 2009. on the initiative of the Norwegian government, Šumadija, as one of the organizer, took part in the first Serbia World Music festival in Takovo. The ensemble is also known for its willingness to help those who need help. In cooperation with the Municipal Committee of the Red Cross they have organized several humanitarian concerts in Serbia and in Skoplje, Tetovo, Kumanovo and Bijeljina as well.

Singing group "Crnućanka" (Serbia)

Crnućanka is a singing group from the village Gornja Crnuća, near Gornji Milanovac.

Group is performing traditional folk songs. According to locals of Gornja Crnuća, the roots of the group date back to 1903 when the King Aleksandar Obrenović arrived in Monastery Vraćevšnica.

Group continued the work, with interruptions, to be re-launched in 1966 under the leadership of Alexander Djordjevic - Leso from G. Crnuća. The group has participated in many festivals, events and traditional fairs, has issued several audio recordings, and in 1976 received the European award for folk art.

Since the fifties, the group has collaborated with Dr. Radmila Petrovic, a longtime associate of ethnomusicology Institute SANU. She has contributed most to the publication of "Crnućanka" records, published by PGP-RTB.

Luka i Džengi (Serbia)

The double, 'Luka i Dzengi', as simply named and known, will be preforming for the 5th time, at the Festival of world music. Although, first time as a double.

They made their first musical steps in 2011, and although already well known in their home town, that is when they started preforming for the audience of Cacak, Belgrade, and also, different towns of Norway. They preform Balkan music, and many different genres. This is why, at their shows you can hear a little bit of many different things such as, rock 'n' roll, new hits, sevdalinka, and other types of folk songs.

They both play the guitar, although Luka has previous experience with accordions, while Dzengi, is known as the singing half in this musical double. The fact that we are dealing with great and very creative artists, that work and perform with many different bands is confirmed with their amateur interests in drawing, and acting.

They are specially proud of their cover of the song 'Da te milujem' which is counting its' first thousands of views on youtube, and are currently working on their own song, which is hoped to count millions!



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